Saturday, April 21, 2007


This one is rather silly, but I've recently become obsessed with the freckle pattern on my arms. I suppose as a women, I am just exhibiting the usual obesession one has with her body and its possible imperfections. The ideal is to have perfectly clear skin. I now just view these marks as natural tattoes.

Pen, Watercolor, and Colored pencil on Paper

I attempted to try and depict the different shades of brown and red.

New Heart

This began as a projection drawing, and developed into this multi-colored heart.

Pen, Ink, Pencil, and Watercolor on Paper

Found Object/Color-in

I just found this in my mother's house and didn't know what it was. I was just compeled to color in the flower relief. It reminded me of childhood, coloring in coloring book and the saftey of the lines. The design was already set, but within those lines, there was complete freedom. I suppose that embodies childhood; one being allowed to explore, but always under the safety of one's parents. Although this is not complete freedom, it was till comforting to me.

Pen, Ink, and Pencil on Underwear-Drawer-Divider

Burren Book

Front Cover

"This book is a collection of drawings I made during my time in the Burren of Ballyvaughn, Ireland. The Burren landscape was created by over-farming from early inhabitants, resulting in soil erosion and exposure of the underlying rock."

"Moss and Lichen. The exposed rock, smooth and undulating is reminiscent of exposed bone. As if the flesh of the land was stripped away and is slowly regenerating."

"The subtle variations of gray in the landscape made an impression on me. I studied them often, finding them in the sky and rock surfaces . . . ."

"Faery Fort in Landscape"

" ' They took up the crosscut and started at the Whitethorn. But . . . Lord God . . . I saw it with my own two eyes, and every man there saw it! . . . they had only two draws o' that saw pulled across that sceach when it started to bleed! I tell you, I never saw men jump back as fast as them two. And threw the saw away from 'em. 'Twas a wonder they didn't cut someone with it. 'Twas blood that came out of it – nothing else, only blood! And who'd cut it after that? All that was worrying them men that marked it was, would they live or wouldn't they? 'Twas blood left there and 'tis still there. And I hope it'll be there when I'm dead and gone. Would you take it out o' there, after what happened that day? You'd be brave man to do it.' Excerpt from the book, Meeting the Other Crowd: Ther Fairy Stories of Hidden Ireland, by Eddie Lenihan."
"Faery forts were dotted all throughout the landscape. Small, rounded domes, usually constructed with twigs, these faery forts have been around fro centuries. They are an integral part of Ireland's landscape and cultural history. I began reading Faery stories, one in particular stuck with me, which is referenced above. The dark, twisted nature of these stories suited the bittersweet character of the Burren."

"A Burren rock surface near Ballyvaughn."

"Finding the Sublime in Small places, experiencing the sublime through touch, sight, and smell – ends muted, or neutral. In the end, the beauty and pain balance each other out, and become a calm, gray stone."

Back Cover

Entire book folded out.